Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Christmas Season

Christmas will soon be here. Seems like we just had Thanksgiving.
I don't do Christmas shopping for anyone, so that takes a lot of pressure off. I send them a small check and they have to do their own shopping. They don't seem to mind, thank goodness. I hate to waste money, so never liked to buy for someone else. It's fun to buy toys for small kids, but after that, ugg. I never know what to get.
I enjoy shopping on Black Friday, but only for myself. It's a good time to get bargains.
Christmas Eve, I'll be going to the candle light service at the Atwater Methodist Church. We were told this morning to bring a friend. Oh Boy. Who to ask? Everybody I know already has a church. Anybody want to volunteer to be my guest?
Next month, I have 7 appointments, before, during and after I have my Cataract removed. I didn't know it took so many appointments to have that done. This Cataract in my right eye has been slowly growing for a long time. My appointment in early December really shocked me!! I couldn't read one single letter on the chart with my right eye. Soooo Blurry!! I don't know how it got so bad so quickly. Maybe high blood sugar has something to do with it? I'll be glad to get this over with.
In January I want to get two new bare root fruit trees. One Stella Cherry to replace the one that died and a standard "O Henry" peach tree. I had no fresh fruit in August last year. The Fantasia Nectarine was ripe in July and the peaches were also gone by August. O Henry ripens in August. So, that's the plan for this year. I'll have to have the "SunCrest" semi-dwarf peach tree removed to make room for O Henry. But that's o.k. Flavorcrest is still my favorite peach.