Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is it a Hobby?

Isn't this a cute metal sculpture of a Praying Mantis? My daughter Jill gave it to me last Sunday. My yard needs a lot of praying!!
Three of the Iris plants on order should arrive any day now. No sign of them yet. They are coming from Oregon. Six more will arrive by the middle of August from Cathey's Valley.
I always thought Irises needed full sun, but just the other day I read that in the hottest areas, part shade would be best.
Oh. Mine have to have full sun. No other place to plant them. No wonder they go dormant earlier than most other Irises I see. They were all dug up recently and replanted. I sure hope they all survive. It's so hot out there and we are restricted about our watering days. Three days a week.

I had a couple of requests for tombstone photos at the Winton Cemetery, so I went there Wednesday morning. I always find other stones that interest me. This time I noticed Henry Loewen, 1919-1935. I didn't have a clue as to who he was, but was curious.
At home I looked him up on the "Grandma" file from the California Mennonite Historical Society and learned who his parents were and that he died in an accident where he ran into a car. He was just shy of 16 years old. Was he running?
The next step of course is to look for him at Find-A-Grave. There someone posted the newspaper article of the accident and the obituary. He was on his bicycle at a blind corner near the library in Winton on Winton Way. This must have been when the library was in someone's home near Hall Blvd. and Winton Way. Also found out his older sister was Margaret who married Dave Koehn, our beloved Winton School bus driver.
You never know what you will uncover when you are taking pictures at the cemetery.
Everybody has a story.