Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interesting Week-end

Well, this was an interesting weekend. I asked to be on the estate sales committee at church, so Friday and Saturday was my first experience with this.
It took four half days and lots of volunteers the week before to get the house ready for the sale. The house had been vacant for several years but now it has been sold.

It took a lot of work to toss out items from the garage that didn't have any value.
The men from the church worked hard on this and filled a large dumpster.
The house was transformed inside for the sale. People lined up before 8 o'clock Friday morning. Dealers were some of the first ones in line. One man asked if there was any jewelry inside and he wanted to know where it was located. It was costume jewelry from the 20s through the 50s.
Nearly all the furniture sold the first day. I was surprised at how it all added up.
The Atwater United Methodist Church hosts the estates sales and the percentage of the money the church makes goes toward missionary work.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Party

Carolyn and I went to Roxanne's "Celebrating Home" party last night. Pictured is the dealer, Patricia Cox who lives in Atwater. She and Roxanne made Taco soup in the bean pot for the guests. It took 18 minutes in the microwave.
Here's a picture of the beautiful Bean Pot that Carolyn and I ordered. It's so pretty we couldn't resist it. And $30.00 off until the end of March. I also ordered one of the little recipe books for the Bean Pot. This morning I found other quick and easy microwave recipes online for it.
Call Roxanne Tolleson if you would like to see their catalog.
The company used to be called Home Interior. (I think)
It was an interesting evening. Pat showed us lots of other pretty useful things.
Carolyn and I bought the wire carrier for the Bean Pot. We're going to take them to the potlucks here in the park and make everyone jealous! LOL

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring. The sun is shining, but I think we are getting more rain this weekend. I know we need it, so I'm not complaining.
I have one Iris in bloom so far. It's the white one that I don't know the name of. It was always the first one to bloom, until one day Captain Hook bloomed really early.
I found large 6-packs of Gerbera daisies at Lowes recently. Need to get them planted soon.
The Atwater Methodist women are getting ready for an estate sale the last weekend of this month. I go there in the mornings to help, but I know I'm not as helpful as I could be. This is a new experience for me and don't always know what to do.
I felt so lucky to find a hardback book on Merced County history. I quickly snatched that up and an old measuring cup that I'm going to buy. The cup is going to be used to measure out fertilizer for my plants, so it's o.k. that it has a chip in the spout. There are a lot of other interesting things, but I don't have room for more stuff. Gotta get rid of a lot of stuff I already have.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Monday

I love Mondays, or any day with nothing on the calendar. Since today was a free day, I decided to plant the "Early Girl" tomato plants that I bought at Save Mart a few days ago. It was a 6-pack with large nice looking plants, so I didn't want to let them hang around until they looked sad.
First I dug 4 really big holes and filled them with water like the man in the produce section at Save Mart told me to. Then filled the holes with good Miracle Grow garden soil. If the snails don't eat them I should have some nice big tomato plants this summer.
I gave 2 of the plants to my sister. I don't have room for six plants. Saved a little room for a pickling cucumber plant. I need to get a couple more of the tomato cages. Going to put one around the cucumber plant also. I don't have enough room to let them sprawl all over.
In the picture is the SunCrest peach tree in bloom. Wonder how many peaches I will have this year? I had two last year and one nectarine. I hope I get a few more this year. John Esau said I should get a few cherries already this year, so that will be exciting!! The cherries are not blooming yet and neither is the apricot.
I fertilized the fruit trees today finally. You have to hoe it in, so I was tired after fertilizing and watering 8 fruit trees.
I hoed some weeds today around the Iris plants. The ones out by the road had a lot of aphids, so I got this bright idea to get the lint roller and roll the leaves. Got quite a few off that way and then sprayed the plants with water. I'll have to check them again tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the Merced County Retirees luncheon at the Elks Lodge in Merced. We meet quarterly on the second Tuesday. If you're a Merced County retiree and don't usually go, put it on your calendar for June and try to attend. You need to make a reservation.
Now that gasoline is so expensive, I try to do other errands any time I drive to Merced. I need to go to the library and look up a few items in the old newspapers on microfilm. And then I have my shopping list. It's going to be a long day.
Wednesday Carolyn and I have appointments in Turlock for our monthly reflexology treatment. Carolyn can hardly wait the whole month, but I've been doing pretty good.
Of course tonight my muscles are sore from doing yard work but I feel good that I got something done. I did get on my exercise bike for a very short time tonight and I think that helped somewhat.
Good thing!! I have a LOT more weeds to dig out.

My Weekend

Mandy came down for a visit this weekend. She took me out to Nagame's Saturday night for dinner. She said it was a late birthday dinner. We had a good visit and the food was delicious as always. Taylor was our waitress. I saved a couple of newspapers with her picture plastered over the front page, which I meant to give her, but forgot them at home. Sorry. Next time.
I looked around and noticed that the customers were all eating with chopsticks. In fact it's rare to see anyone eating with a fork. Guess we're all loyal customers.
(I don't think you'd call us show-offs.)
Kathryn invited Mandy and I over Sunday for a late breakfast. Jack fixed crepes for us. He said it was his grandfather's recipe from the Old Country. I need to get his recipe!! They were delicious of course. Sharon made mimosas for us. So, we had a very nice breakfast and good conversation.
Later that day Mandy and I went to lunch at Josie's in Atwater. Even Josie was there. All the tables were full. As Fats Waller would say "The Joint was Jumpin'."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Teen

Aunt Ernestine will be 96 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Aunt Teen, you look like a much younger woman.
Ernie and Diane had a little luncheon in her honor today.
Ernestine's cousin Helen was there.

In the last picture is Ernestine, Diane, Ernie and Helen. We ate outside on the patio. The weather was perfect for it. A wonderful nice warm day.
We all had a good time. Thank you, Diane and Ernie.
I enjoyed seeing their yard with fruit trees and flowers.