Monday, March 3, 2014

Photos at Winton Cemetery District

After a couple of months of neglecting to take tombstone pictures at the Winton Cemetery, I finally went there again a week ago. More than 100 photos have been added, so now there are more than 1,800 to browse through. If you are looking for a name, it's much easier to go to the sets. If you just want to browse, click on this link.
Some of these have memorials at Find A Grave.
The above picture was taken around Memorial Day last year. The cemetery is especially pretty at that time.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Almost Spring

It's been a long time since I posted anything here and now it's almost spring.
I bought a new Stella Cherry tree to replace the one that died last year. When Joe and Keith were digging the hole to plant the tree, they discovered why the other tree died. I have hardpan!! So, they had to dig a really big hole and use the pick-axe to get below the hardpan. The picture shows Keith using the pick-axe. So, now the new tree is planted and I hope all is well.
It's been so dry here all winter. Lately we've had a couple of good rain storms, but not enough to make up for the rain we didn't get earlier or for the snow the mountains usually get.
We had some nice spring weather and so it's hard not to buy plants to dig in the ground. I've bought the tomato plants already and planted them in large pots that I bought last year. One variety is new to me, "Park's Whopper." My sister and brother-in-law had very good luck with them last year. They just kept producing while my tomato plants produced very little. I hope I get a lot of tomatoes this year, I have 5 plants, counting one cherry tomato.
The peach and nectarine trees are blooming and the apricot is close behind. The cherry trees are always the last to bloom. I haven't seen any bees yet. Sure hope they show up when the cherry trees are blooming. I don't know how to hand pollinate.