Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Winton students from Mrs. Beltz's class sang several patriotic songs.
The VFW Color Guard presented the flags.
There was a 21-gun salute by the Merced County Honor Guard.
Bill Andersen and cousin Jackie Nugent played Taps.
The Winton District Cemetery always looks nice, thanks to Mel Loewen and other employees.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sandy's Socks

My daughter, Sandy (aka Alexandra) designed and knitted these socks. A lady from Vogue Knitting magazine saw them when she attended a big knitting event in Europe. Sandy was introduced to her by a mutual friend.
The lady from Vogue loved the socks and so they are in the next Vogue Knitting magazine, Early Fall, 2011 on sale June 7th. Instructions for knitting the socks, along with this photo, taken by Paul Amato and this information:
Designer: Alexandra Richards
Yarn Information: Madeline Tosh Sock. Amounts: 2 hanks in alabaster, will be included.
Here is a link to the Vogue Knitting Magazine online, click on the socks.
Sandy was born and grew up in Merced, graduating from Merced High School in 1976. In the fall, she left for Humboldt State and graduated 4 years later.
I can't remember how many years Sandy has lived in Europe, it must be about 20 years, first in Switzerland and then in the Netherlands. Sandy has accomplished so much. I am very proud of her.
Here is the cover picture of Vogue Knitting's Early Fall issue. Sandy's socks will be in here.
She is now working on a design for another article of clothing. When does she have the time? I don't know. She works full-time in Amsterdam and runs on the weekends to keep in shape for the races she enters on a regular basis.
My daughter, who does it all. More about her knitting on her blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gifts from Abroad

Today my neighbor brought over some mail that they signed for me when I wasn't home. It was my Mother's Day present from my daughter in the Netherlands. I was so excited to see the book, "Travels With Greeley" by Andy in Amsterdam. I've been reading his blog for the last 3 years, ever since a couple of friends and I visited my daughter in Haarlem, NL. We didn't meet Andy, but he is a good friend of my daughter and her husband.
Sandy even had Andy autograph it for me.
Thanks Andy!!
I can't wait to read it.
Sandy also sent me a "Gardening Journal" with a fat little green pen. Wow, guess I'll have to get serious about gardening. I love flowers of all kinds.
Thanks Sandy, those are wonderful gifts.
I was out pulling some weeds this afternoon, but I wonder when I will get caught up on that, if ever. The weather was really nice today, not too hot. I actually enjoy pulling weeds, but I don't enjoy it long enough to make a big dent in it. Maybe tomorrow.
I've been to church the last 3 Sundays. Each time a different church, you might say I've been shopping around. I feel the most comfortable at the Atwater Methodist Church on Linden Street. They play the old hymns on an organ and piano. No guitars or drums there and that's a plus for an old lady like me. Their regular minister is on vacation so I'll have to go back when he is there. The visiting minister had a good lesson (sermon/talk) whatever they call it nowadays.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterday's Event

Yesterday, Carolyn and I set up a table to sell the Winton Historical Society's new recipe book and souvenir mugs. It was at the VFW Hall in Winton.
Instead of paying for the table space, each vendor was required to bring a snack for the sellers and buyers to munch on through out the day. We had chips and dips, fresh veggies and all kinds of sweet treats, including chocolate Easter eggs.
Another requirement was that each vendor had to donate a raffle prize. The Winton Historical Society donated a Winton Centennial recipe book.
Rosalie came by and sat with us for a while. Later our friend Leona came and sat and visited. We enjoyed talking with the people who came by our table, a few made purchases, but because there was so much going on yesterday, the traffic was very light at the VFW Hall. Sharon told us we should have been at the car show in Winton. Lots of people there.
Well, who knew?
The next events coming up is Saturday, May 7. The Winton Water and Sewer District is sponsoring a Block Party in downtown Winton,from 1 to 6 p.m. Ida Mae and Marilyn will set up a table to sell the Winton Centennial recipe books. ($15.00 each)
That same day, Carolyn and I will be at the Castle Vista Craft Bazaar from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the recipe books and the souvenir mugs. I will also have the "Memories of Winton, 1911-1950" book available for $35.00. Castle Vista, a gated community will have their gates open that day. They are located off of Juniper Avenue between Shaffer and Buhach. The bazaar will be held in their club house at 2300 Cascade Drive. If you don't already have your recipe book and souvenir mug, come by and see us. They make wonderful gifts. May 8 is Mother's Day.