Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Sox

My daughter Sandy knitted these beautiful socks for me for Christmas. They are very warm and are keeping my feet toasty warm as I type this. Thanks Sandy.
I used to give my daughters warm socks for Christmas every year. Of course they were store-bought, not special hand-knitted ones.
I really love these made especially for me.
I came down with a sore throat last Thursday night. So, unfortunately I had to cancel the plans I had for the 24th and Christmas Day. I didn't think it would hang on this long. I am still staying inside, trying to keep warm, watching TV, popping Tylenol pills every 8 hours. When the medicine runs out my bones and muscles ache.
I hope this goes away soon.
But, it is a good excuse to lay about and be lazy!!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merced County Retirees Luncheon

Today was the Merced County Retirees quarterly luncheon. The December meeting is always well attended. Someone said there were 170 people there. In December our lunch is free, so that's probably why so many attend. Usually we pay about 6 dollars and the retirees association pays the balance.
Above is a picture of John and Ken, two men retired from the county assessor's office. We usually try to sit at a table with former co-workers. This is the only time we get to see them and catch up on what is happening in their lives.
Bev is a good friend from the assessor's office. She and Claudia and I have lunch at Carrows once a month. We've been doing this ever since we retired 13 years ago. Bev's husband calls us "the Golden Girls." Claudia wasn't able to attend the retirees luncheon today, she was still visiting her son's family. She missed the luncheon by one day.
Several of us at our table bought raffle tickets, Bev and I each had 15 tickets, but the numbers called were nowhere near our numbers. Guess it was our turn to donate.
I wasn't complaining because one year I won a nice prize, which I sold to a man at our table for $100. This year they had 4 envelopes with a $50.00 bill inside, other prizes were not so impressive.
Oh, they had my favorite lasagna today, vegetarian with white sauce. Yum! I took a big helping.
This last picture is Rozanne, my next-door neighbor. She rode with me to Merced. After the luncheon we went to the Mall for a short time. Rozanne wanted to go to Michaels. I suggested Hobby Lobby, neither one of us had been there before. It's a really big store with all kinds of materials, pictures, etc., etc. Rozanne was looking for some brushes and paint to use at her ceramic class. Didn't find exactly what she wanted. I think she would rather have gone to Michaels.
Next time. I was really tired when I got home. The recliner was calling me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday December 10, 2011

Saturday was a busy day. It began early for Carol, who cooked breakfast, including biscuits and gravy for the Winton Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Grange Association. Wilene, seen looking up a phone number was there to help oversee the vendors selling their wares at the tables set up for the event.
Marilyn and I were there at the Winton Historical Society's table, selling the Winton Centennial recipe books and the Winton Depot mugs.
Behind Marilyn, you can see the large wood flutes. They had small ones also and even one that was kind of round on a string that you wore around your neck. The seller called it an ocarina. They made beautiful music with them.
Avanell had a table set up with holiday items she had for sale.
Other interesting vendors were there. Across from the WHS table was a couple who made jewelry. I bought a red necklace and earring set from them. They had a LOT of boxes of sets. One vendor was selling candles. As usual, we needed more foot traffic.

After a delicious meal of turkey, dressing, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and desserts; the managers had a drawing.
If the number on your ticket was called, you had your choice of items from the tray. Each gift bag or Christmas decoration had folding money inside, some had $5.00, some $10.00 and 2 had a $20.00 bill.
Bob was one of the first winners. He chose a gift bag that had a $20.00 bill inside.
The managers arranged for a resident to play the piano so we could all sing Christmas carols. BUT, when some people got up to leave, others followed them out the door, so we didn't get to sing-along to the piano music. Shoot!
I was disappointed that they all left.
It was a nice party though.
More pictures at flickr.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winton Bazaar Dec. 10

This Saturday, December 10 is the Winton holiday bazaar at the Winton Community Hall. It is sponsored by the Women's Grange Association and the Winton Chamber of Commerce.
The Winton Historical Society will be there with the souvenir Winton Depot mugs available at a new discount price; $4.00 each or 4 for $15.00. A perfect gift for your child's school teacher or others on your gift list.
The Winton Centennial recipe books are still available for $15.00 each. The books have been very popular. If you don't have your copy yet, better get one before they are gone. We will not be reordering.
In the above picture is Marilyn, Rosalie, Andrea and Willlie. It was taken at our monthly Winton Historical Society meeting in the CLEO office. We had a Christmas party an hour before the meeting with members bringing in finger foods.
I did take more pictures and will post them later when I get my "real" computer out of the shop. I am limping along with my new laptop, complete with Windows 7 and it is driving me CRAZY.
I have now posted other pictures at flickr.