Saturday, January 31, 2015

Favorite Rose Bushes

Joe and Keith were here this morning and planted the 3 new rose bushes that I have been looking for ever since I moved to Atwater 4 1/2 years ago. This year for the first time I found them online. The first one was Dainty Bess, an old rose that was introduced in 1925. I started mine from a cutting from my mother-in-law's plant many years ago. I moved in July so wasn't able to take cuttings at that time from my roses in Merced. Here is a picture of Dainty Bess.

I later found two other favorites from Jackson and Perkins online. One is Wildfire, shown here. Such a bright cheerful orange color. Everyone commented on it.

And the other one I found is Fragrant Cloud. Such a strong nice fragrance. I had these roses in Merced for nearly 20 years. Loved them all, but couldn't find them at local stores or even online until this year.
Here is Fragrant Cloud.

Another one I've been trying to find is Taboo. Years ago I started Taboo from cuttings of my plant and gave a start to my sister. Never could find that one again, so this year I took cuttings from her plant. I'm hoping to have that one in my yard once again. It's such a pretty dark red. The buds look black and then open up to a velvety dark red. It's beautiful.