Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Not Over Yet

My daughter Sandy, just finished this Ishbel scarf and mailed it to me. Another Christmas present!!
It's so beautiful, I'm sure I will wear it a lot. I stole this photo from her pictures at flickr.
Sandy is an expert knitter and is always making something. This beautiful scarf should be here in about a week, a normal time frame for mailing packages from the Netherlands.
I finally ordered a Christmas present for Maggie. I know she will love it. It's a Cat Tree from Molly and Friends. They are really well made and should last forever. Right now Maggie jumps on the bookcase, which is 4 feet tall to look out the patio door. She likes to keep an eye on the backyard and of course the higher up she is, the more she can see. The Cat Tree I ordered is 5 1/2 feet tall with 4 beds or cradles at different heights. I know she will use it a lot. Maybe that will keep her off the bookcase and the far end of the table. (The tree will be closer to the patio door.)
I'm disappointed that it won't be shipped until late February. BUT, shipping is free. Can't beat that.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Is Over

Mandy and John came down the weekend before Christmas. Saturday night we went to Nagame's for dinner. It's traditional for us to go there whenever they are in town, or when Sandy and Dol are here also. My husband John and I used to go there quite often, and any birthday or anniversary, we celebrated here at our favorite restaurant. The food is always delicious.
The next day (the Sunday before Christmas) we went to the Christmas party at Kathryn's in Hornitos. I was glad Mandy and John were able to come down this year and see the Richards relatives. The above picture of them was taken at the party. It was nice seeing everyone. I took several pictures, but not all pictures were flattering, so only uploaded about 8 of them at flickr.
I had several invitations for Christmas dinner, but decided to stay home and make my favorite salads and have lots of treats on hand. It's been non-stop eating ever since!! I still have lots of left overs.
The day was quiet, but still enjoyable. It seemed like Sunday, but a special Sunday.
So now Christmas is over, the music is back to my old favorites on the radio and TV music channels. I hope everyone survived as well as I did.
The new year will soon be here and time to make out your new lists.
I think I'll get started on mine.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cards

Here it is, December 13th and I am just getting started with addressing Christmas cards. Why do I always procrastinate?
So, here I am, with my favorite Christmasy hot tea in my favorite Christmas mug that I bought at Gottschalks years ago. I didn't realize how long ago until just the other day when I turned it over and read that it was made in W. Germany. West Germany? That was SO long ago.
The mixed nuts and the candy cane are little bribes to keep me in my chair.
I like the Christmas season, but it can get over-done. They start playing the Christmas songs so early that it's easy to get tired of them before the day actually gets here.
Another thing; I wonder why some people think it's so terrible to be home alone on Christmas Day. Maybe they're afraid it will be depressing. Maybe it would be to some people, but not all of us feel that way.
I'm thinking about planning all my favorite treats and snuggle in my chair and watch some old musicals that Sandy and Dol gave me for Christmas. Yes, I already opened my presents. I wasn't going to, but Sandy said I should. So I did!!
I have about 6 movies to choose from. She also sent me a new cookbook, "The Pleasures of Cooking for One" by Judith Jones. Lots of ideas to read about.
Did I tell you I bought a couple of Alton Brown's books? He's the food guru on the Food Network. Cooking at home seems to be so popular now, I'm sure the economy had something to do with it. Guess there's always a silver lining in there somewhere, if you just look for it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the Season

Today was the Merced County Retirees' quarterly luncheon. A lot of retirees phone in their reservations for December, maybe because it's the free luncheon, or maybe it's just the season.
Today there was an outstanding amount of people in attendance. One from the Auditor's office had just retired as of 12:01 a.m. today!!! Glad to see him and his wife there.
The luncheon is held at the Elks Lodge. Today for the first time they had to set up the food tables in another room, because the main room had wall-to-wall tables set up for us.
Today for the first time we had an abundance of big raffle prizes. The prizes were donated by various stores, associations and individual people.
The raffle tickets were $1.00 each. I bought two. (Big Spender)
There were so many prizes that they were drawing tickets all the time while people were in line to get their food.
No one was winning at our table. Each time there was a cash prize for $50. or $100. dollars, I thought, gee, would be nice to win that.
They were almost through with the prizes and a staff person was picking up dirty plates at our table when I heard my number called. At this point I wasn't sure what my prize was.
Well, it was a pass for 4 people to play golf (including golf carts) at the Stevinson Golf Course. Wow!!
I don't play golf, but was trying to think of the best use of this windfall. I recently heard that my nephew plays golf, so was thinking of giving it to him.
A man at our table is a golfer and he thought it might be worth $300., then thought maybe that was too much, but at least $200.
Just as we were leaving, a lady came to our table and asked if I wanted to sell my tickets. I asked how much would she pay. When she heard it was worth $200., she said, "Oh, that's too much!!"
I said I would sell them for $100. The man at our table reached for his wallet, took out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to me.
Whoa, we were both happy. He's going to take his friends golfing and I have a crisp one-hundred dollar bill.

So, I come home and check my email. There is a very nice story for the next Winton newsletter from a former Wintonite who now lives in Wisconsin.
Life is Good!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Firemen Breakfast

Sunday, December 6, the volunteer firemen of Winton had a fund-raiser breakfast. The newspaper only mentioned pancakes, but they also served sausage, eggs and hash browns. The picture was taken after the busy rush.
Below is a picture of Carolyn selling coffee mugs for the Winton Historical Society.
The picture on the mug is from the old postcard of the Winton Depot. The depot is now a house in Winton.The VFW Auxiliary sold baked goods. Both groups were happy with the sales they made.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black & Blue Sage

Yesterday after our reflexology treatment in Turlock, my sister and I went to The Greenery. We've been going there each time we go to Turlock to look at their flower plants. Sometimes we don't buy anything, but this time I saw a one-gallon size of the Black and Blue Sage. I saw a large plant of it in bloom there months before, so even though this one was pruned down to the ground, I grabbed it up, knowing it will be beautiful next summer and fall. I stole the above picture somewhere on the Internet. Isn't the Internet great? You can find anything there!
In the spring I'm going to ask them to special order the Limerock Ruby Coreopsis for me. I can't find that red flowering plant anywhere. It will be another exciting spring with new Irises and other flowers in bloom. Sometimes I feel this place is too much for me (it is), but still I'd hate to leave. I feel comfortable in my own mess. (grin)
I told Miguel yesterday that my eyes always feel tired, even when I first wake up in the morning. I know I'm not sleepy, but I hate to open my eyes; just want to keep them closed. Well, Miguel found a lump just below my toes and worked it out. He said that lump caused a pressure behind my eye and now it was gone. Sure enough, I don't feel like I need to keep my eyes closed all the time. Great!! Sure is good to be rid of that.
Today was the Winton Historical Society meeting. I think this one sneaked up on some of our regulars. They didn't show up!! Collected a few more recipes though, so now we have 581. Not everyone has turned in their recipes yet, I hope they remember that December 31 is the deadline.
Sunday the Winton Volunteer Firemen are having a fund-raiser breakfast, from 7:00 a.m. until 12 noon at the Winton Hall. Some of our members will be there selling coffee mugs. Also, the VFW Auxiliary will be selling baked goods.
If you missed purchasing a "Memories of Winton 1911-1950" history book, they will be available there too.
Come by for a hearty breakfast and for a good cause. Proceeds from the breakfast will go towards equipment or maintenance needed by the Fire Department. Tickets, $6.00 for adults, $4.00 for children ages 6 to 12. Five and under eat free.