Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fruit Trees are Here ~

The last 5 fruit trees came in that I special ordered, so after the fog lifted a bit, I drove to Turlock to pick them up. I am so excited to have all my favorite fruit trees here. I thought that was something I would have to give up when I sold my house, but lucky me, they are growing in my yard again.
In the picture is Tilton apricot, Flavor Crest peach, Fantasia nectarine and Sun Crest peach, this is in the backyard, looking towards the road. It may be 3 years before I get any fruit from them. But in 3 years, I'll be glad I planted them.
On the side yard, next to the road is where the 3 dwarf cherry trees will be planted, the Bing, Rainier and Stella. I am expecting Joe to show up tomorrow to dig the holes for the cherry trees. I hope he doesn't find any hard-pan. Cherry trees need good drainage. These trees were all grown by Dave Wilson Nursery.
Also today I bought 2 citrus trees, one dwarf Washington Navel with 3 oranges on it and a semi-dwarf Satsuma Mandarin, both in 5 gallon cans. These won't be planted right away. I have two orange trees now, one in the front and one in the backyard, but the oranges are not very sweet. The trees will be taken out and the ones I bought today will be planted in their place.
All the fruit trees I bought from The Greenery Nursery in Turlock are the same varieties that we had in Merced, so I know they are good.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've been doing a little celebrating lately. First my sisters took me to lunch at Nagame's last Thursday, then my granddaughter came to visit this weekend and she took me out to dinner last night at my favorite restaurant!!
You guessed it - Nagame's.
I took a picture of Mandy and Taylor, our server. We've been going to Nagame's since Taylor was a little 4-year old kid. Her mother has been working there all these years.
The big celebration? My 74th birthday. It's time to just ignore them.

I have another little cause for celebration. The Winton Centennial recipe book is finally at the publisher's. I am so glad to be done with that project. We gave everyone a whole year to submit their favorite recipes. Then the committee members typed them online. It took quite a while to type and proof-read 650 recipes. Then we had to pick out 9 pictures of Winton to include in the book. Four of the pictures were also in the "Memories of Winton 1911-1950" history book; 2 have been on the cover of the "Winton Hometown News" newsletter and 3 have not been in either publication.
Deciding what to have on the 4 personal pages took some thought and it seemed like the last minute details dragged on. But, it's finally done and we should get the final product between March 7 and March 14. I can hardly wait to see it. I'll be sure to let everyone know when the Winton Centennial recipe books are available.