Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Iris on Order

I found the two Iris plants that Superstition Iris Gardens were sold out of. The first one is Spice Lord, a brownish red with white. Very striking.

The other one I tried to order was Bowled Over. I don't have anything like it. Very special.

I was thrilled to find these two from the "Iris Sisters" in Oregon.
So then as I was browsing through ALL of their pretty Iris flowers, I found another one that I just had to have.
It's called "Fashionista." And that's what it is. Very beautiful. I guess it's a slow grower, because it says not many increases. It will be special. I'll be getting these in July. For sure I am not buying any more Iris plants. I am out of room!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Iris Plants on Order

Last Friday, I drove 3 ladies to Cathey's Valley to the Superstition Iris Gardens. The flowers were early this year, so it looked like peak season was maybe last week, but still lots of pretty Iris plants to consider. Three of us had our cameras out and were taking pictures of our favorites. I had photos of 26 different flowers. Way more than I wanted to order. We all decided to go home and look at our pictures on our computers and decide which ones to order.
I had already looked at pictures of them online; Superstition Iris Gardens is on facebook. One I really wanted was sold out early, even before we went up there. That was "Spice Lord." I got my list of what to order down to 7, then found out another favorite, "Bowled Over" sold out yesterday.
So, these are the six that I have on order. All are very beautiful, but next year I am going to order a few VERY EARLY. This first one is Croft's Caress.

This one is Dusky Challenger

This black one is "Here Comes the Night."

This eye-catching flower is "Solar Fire."

This is "Wedding Night."

This last one is "Company of One."