Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More on Haiti -- After the Hurricane

I hope Sherri doesn't mind that I repost her last blog entry here. I wanted to show the pictures from Haiti that her husband took and sent to family. First her post and then the pictures.
If anyone would like to help, donations can be sent to: Good News International Foundation, 9391 Lupine Ave., Winton, CA 95388. 209-358-8677. You can specify on your check for housing, food or clinic, if you like.
The donations go directly to help the poor people of Haiti. Everyone there helping are volunteers and are not paid. My nephew, Matt Giesbrecht signed up for two years to run the medical clinic in Oriani, Haiti without pay.
The volunteers in Oriani are Mennonites.

From Matt's wife, Sherri:

The Dutch have come!!!

Matt just texted me that 2 big ships carrying food have come off the coast of Abrico. Heavily armed Dutchman from the Netherland’s island of Aruba have arrived. There is even a medical crew that have joined ranks with them..quite interesting working alongside.. they speak English. Matt says he’s not feeling so lost with his Creole
They are evaluating needs and having a meeting with Matt and Keith as to what is necessary. They are well orgainized. I’m hoping this is a green light for our men to come home!!!! It’s been a long week.
Because of the continuing needs here, our doorway is frequented. Sometimes seems like I get nothing done all day, and then I count people who’ve ‘frape’ (knock) at my door. I’d be a great missionary if it wasn’t for the people..again borrowed from the pineapple man. That goes through my head so many times a
It’s a challenge to listen and come up with a solution or reason. Then to relate that back in creole haha is more than I can do..but we find most people very patient. And people are especially long suffering, if they know some English, and know the challenges of learning another language.
The poorest people can only afford to plant peas or beans. That is what was damaged in the cyclone. So to figure out who it is that truly needs food. And who is working the system. Fre (brother) Osias the ‘doctor’ in our clinic overheard this group of people in the street talking about past aid to the area. They were saying only the Mennonites hand out aid in the proper way. Give aid to those that are really in need.
Other church groups give to people that really don’t need it. Some people will sell the food thy received. Praise God that has been their record here.
We depend a lot on our church people here to help us and tell us.
It’s a small community so they all know who is truly in need. And I feel so confident sending them to the church brethren. We have one brother who talks to people who have lost their houses, and one who helps hand out food. And Lacey knows who needs tuition for school. So much better than handouts from the white people. We still talk to them and if we feel to give directly we do, but if we have questions, we can let them decide. Lately my house has been full of produce I have bought, one good way to support the people. Plus many have brought us gifts too, since they maybe got rice from us earlier.

Kay has been doing awesome keeping the clinic running this week. They are working short with Chrystelle gone. It has not been a super busy week, an answer to prayers! Chrystelle ‘s medical assistant has been doing blood pressures and temperatures for everyone in the foyer, doing that extra step and easing the load.
Going to the clinic even for a few minutes, sort of realigns my vision of why we are here. When I get compound fever a trip there is a cure.

Dawson,of course, has adapted best here. He was looking at the Bible story book the other day. He says..”Mom.. what’s up with this?? All the people in here are white!! Even Jesus is white!!” Yep we’ve got a new normal. (Dawson is 5 years old.)

First picture, Dutch ship arrives.

Next picture of the Dutch crew.

And last are the Dutch nurses

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