Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oriani Clinic in Haiti

My nephew and his family are living in Haiti for a couple of years. Matt Giesbrecht is a Registered Nurse and is currently running the Confidence Clinic in Oriani, Haiti. There is no doctor there. Matt's wife, Sherri helps out where ever she can at the clinic and takes care of their house and family. She cooks for the nurses as well as her own family.
A young lady from Winton, California lives with them and is the school teacher for Matt and Sherri's 3 young children. The children are 10, 8 and 5 years old
Sherri writes a very interesting blog. Click on this link to read it. Sherri wrote about the hurricane. its aftermath and everyday life in Haiti as it applies to her and her family and neighbors.
The school teacher also has a blog. Also an interesting read. Read it here.

This last link to life at the Oriani Clinic in Haiti was written by Keith Toews. His blog ended around Easter of 2016 since he went back home to Canada and Matt took his place. Keith's blog has a lot of background information about Haiti with stories of local people who live around the area of the clinic. It's a very long walking distance for some of the people. Read his blog here.
Pictured is the Confidence Clinic in Oriani, Haiti.

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